10 Commonly Asked Questions at Job Interviews

It’s always a good idea to go to a job interview prepared for what you might be asked. But while you can never be 100% sure what questions you will be asked, here are 10 of the most common along with some tips on answering them.


1. What Are Your Strengths?

This is a very common question, and as long as you prepare for it, it should be fairly easy to answer. Try to think about your main strengths in relation to the role you are applying for, then think of some situations that you can use as examples of where you have displayed these strengths.


2. What Are Your Weaknesses?

Try to think of a genuine weakness that you are working on to improve, and explain how you are trying to overcome the weakness. Just don’t say anything that’s too negative or you might put the interviewer off.


3. Why Are You Applying for This Job?

This should be easy because you should have a reason for applying for the job in the first place. Be honest, and explain how the job ties in with your plans and what you want to accomplish.


4. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

It could be one year, three years or more. However, the question is framed, try to focus on what you want to accomplish in this new position in the near future.


5. Why Should We Hire You?

This is another question asking about your strengths. Be careful to avoid being too dismissive of the other candidates, but make the case for yourself by focusing on your personal qualities


6. What Is Your Biggest Achievement?

Before the interview, think of one situation, preferably work-related, where you have excelled. Keep this in mind so you can bring it out when asked this question. Ideally, this achievement will relate to the role you are applying for in some way.


7. Can You Tell Us About a Situation When You…

This question can take many forms. It could be about a time when you dealt with disappointment, when you had to make a difficult decision, or when you excelled in a task. It’s difficult to prepare for, but try to come up with some different situations you have been in before the interview so you can provide an answer.


8. What’s Wrong with Your Current Job?

Be careful to avoid complaining about your job because that won’t come across well. Instead, focus on the positives of starting something new.


9. What Do You Do in Your Free Time?

This should be an easy one to answer. Interviewers often like to know what you are like outside of work, so tell them about your hobbies and why you enjoy them.


10. What Would You Like to Ask?

Always prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer. You are sure to have lots of genuine questions, so go ahead and ask them. A good question can help to end the interview on a positive note.


Expect the Unexpected

Finally, you are likely to face some questions that you did not expect. In these situations, don’t panic. You may not know the answers, but always try to come up with something and stay calm to show the interviewer that you can cope well under pressure.