5 Essential Tips When Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is an exciting time, even if it can be nerve-wracking. You want to make the best possible impression in your first few days, so how should you go about it? Here are five tips to help you get off to a great start.

1. Prepare Before Your First Day

Do as much as you can to prepare for your first day. That means finding out from your boss exactly what you will be expected to do, reading up about the company, checking its website and studying the team to get an idea about the different roles people do. Know exactly what time to turn up and where you should go, and arrive well prepared.


2. Make an Extra Effort with the Basics

First impressions count, so put some extra effort into your presentation and don’t risk showing up late on your first day. Try to be friendly and sociable. Small talk can be exhausting, especially when you are the only new person. But make an effort – and try to remember names.


3. Ask Questions

It’s far better to ask questions than it is to spend lots of time on something and end up doing it wrong. There will be a lot to learn, from your specific tasks to how the office works and who is responsible for what. Ask all the time, and keep on asking as the weeks go on.


4. Set Your Boundaries

It’s easy to want to please when you start a new job, but you should set your boundaries and make sure everyone knows what is acceptable to you. Know when to say no, especially if you are being asked to do more work than you can reasonably take on.


5. Make Friends

It’s good to make friends as soon as possible so you can stop feeling like the new person. Be friendly and sociable, and hang out with your new colleagues. Go to lunch with the team and make an extra effort to get to know everyone.


Enjoy Your New Job

These are five simple ways to make your new job a success. It can be difficult starting a new job, but you can make a success of it. You applied to the job for a reason, and they obviously like you if they chose you. So go and enjoy yourself and get off to a great start.