5 Must-Have Accounting Skills that Top Employers Want

If you are applying for a job in accounting, you are going to need some very specific skills. But besides having the right qualifications, you will also need other key skills if you want to stand out to recruiters.

Here are five must-have accounting skills that will help you to stand out from the other applicants.


1. Tech and IT Skills

Accountants must remain up-to-date with their tech and IT skills. Technology skills are important in any job, but they are especially important for accountants.

You will clearly require a deep knowledge of various financial tools, and good Microsoft Excel skills are also seen as a prerequisite.

But beyond that, find out about the latest tools you should be using, and get trained up in them so you can stand out above other candidates.


2. Excellent Communication

Accounting is not all about working with spreadsheets, and you’ll also need excellent communication skills.

Wherever you work as an accountant, you will need to impart information to different people both in person and in writing.

You will work closely with your colleagues and clients, and good communication skills will be essential.


3. Organisation

You need to be highly organised when you work in accounting. You will often be working to tight deadlines and will have a lot of responsibility, and you can expect to be busy in any role.

Making sure everything is ready on time, organising multiple projects and having good time-management skills will demonstrate your competence.


4. Adaptability

You will need to adapt to new situations quickly when you work in accounting and take advantage of new challenges that present themselves. Don’t be thrown off course by last-minute changes, and show that you are adaptable to any situation.


5. Critical Thinking Skills

You will also need a highly analytical mind. You will have to analyse complex situations and gather insight from finances before presenting solutions to problems. You will need to be able to think quickly and logically if you want to be a valuable asset for your employer.


Make Sure You Have the Right Skills

These five skills should be considered essential for anyone considering a career in accounting, but they are just the start.

Other skills like leadership, teamwork and customer service are all essential too.

So make your CV stand out and boost your chances of getting your dream accounting job by ensuring you have all the relevant skills to be successful.