5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right recruitment agency for your organisation is essential if you want to end up with the right candidates for your roles.

But choosing the right agency can be a challenge, so here are 5 key factors to consider.

1. Type of Recruitment Agency

Firstly, decide which type of recruitment agency to approach because some will be more suitable than others.

Some recruiters are generalists, while others work for specific industries like motor trade or healthcare. A staffing recruitment agency is one that finds temporary employees.

The type you choose depends on how many employees you need to hire, whether they are permanent or temporary, and what type of role you are hiring for.

2. Costs

How much are you willing to pay? There is no point hiring an agency you cannot afford.

Recruitment agencies normally charge a percentage of the salary rather than a set fee. This percentage can vary, but it usually starts at about 15%.

Compare the costs of different agencies, but avoid automatically going with the cheapest. After all, you want to choose the one that provides the best overall service.

3. Experience

You want to know that the agency you choose has successfully filled positions for similar companies in the past.

Have they been around a long time? Which companies have they helped?

Find their client list and read testimonials to get a better idea.

4. Location

The location of the recruitment agency may or may not be important.

If you are hiring temporary workers, it is usually more important than if you are hiring full-time staff.

If you think it is important to use a local recruitment agency, narrow your search down to your local area.

5. Industry Bodies

Many recruitment agencies are members of an industry body like the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

If they are not, this does not mean you should not hire them, but it can be a good sign.

Find the Right Recruitment Agency for Your Needs

Finally, speak to the recruiters at the agency, ask them questions and decide whether they come across as a team you would get on well with.

If you get a good feeling about the recruitment agency after speaking to them, it could be that you’ve found the right agency for your needs.