5 Tips to Attract and Engage Millennial Talent

Millennials come with a lot of stereotypes. They are often labelled as being entitled and unrealistic in their promotion expectations. You may feel like you do not understand them, which can make attracting millennial talent a challenge. But they now make up a third of the workforce, a figure that is rising quickly. So how do you attract and engage them?

1. Give Them Flexibility

Millennials like flexibility. They have grown up with tablets, phones and the idea of remote work, so don’t try to force them into the 9-to-5 routine. If you offer them the opportunity to work flexibly, you are more likely to end up attracting the best talent.


2. Work with the Latest Tech

Millennials like using the very latest technology, so make sure you use it in your office. Research the latest tools and take tips from your existing workforce. Are you still using emails for communication? Switch to Slack and improve team communication.

These tools can help your business in many ways, and millennials will be attracted to a company that appreciates the benefits of the latest tech.


3. Give Them Interesting Tasks

You may not be in an exciting industry, but the work should still be interesting and rewarding. Give millennials opportunities to learn and grow, and keep your employees engaged. They will then spread the word, helping to attract more talent.


4. Give them More than a Salary

Millennials are not just in it for the salary, so offer them more. Give them benefits and perks like a gym membership, monthly prizes and free training. Strong company culture is also essential to help attract the right talent.


5. Understand What They Want

Perhaps the most important thing is to understand what they want in the first place. Spend time talking to millennials. Talk to your existing millennial employees, connect with them on social media and ask them what is important to them. Understanding them better means you are more likely to provide them with what they want.


Start Attracting More Millennial Talent

Millennials sometimes come with negative stereotypes, many of which are unfounded. But there are still right and wrong ways to go about attracting millennials to your business and engaging them. So follow these five tips, and make sure your business is attracting – and keeping – the best millennial talent.