7 Ways to Use Social Media To Get Your Dream Job

Social Media enables its users to upload, create, and share information for them to participate in creating and establishing networks.

With networking and personal branding, you can easily find your dream job.

Using selected social media channels strategically will enable you to become more attractive and visible to vital persons in your industry.

There are several social media channels available online, but you have to be wise enough which ones to use to your career advantage.

Using social media to get your dream job is basically about knowing what to share, who and where to share it with.

There are things you have to consider sharing for recruiters to see your potential to be part of their company. LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter are the so-called big 3 for recruiters around the world.

UK recruiters in 2018 reflect 87% using LinkedIn, 19% Facebook, and 21% Twitter.

We want to help you maximize one of the most popular networking resources you have, hence we would like to share with you 7 ways to use social media to get your dream job.

You spend quite a portion of your day on these sites, and using them wisely for your career advancement will take you a step closer to your dream job.


#1 Use Social Media To Get Your Dream Job by Creating Your Personal Brand

Establishing your personal brand is the key to using social media to get your dream job.

Check what results show up when people look for your name in various search engines and social media channels.

Recruiters nowadays conduct their research on their prospective employees when they receive your application.

You have to make sure that what you post online is something that will make them contact you, not avoid you.

Pretending is different from showing your best foot forward when it comes to using social media to get your dream job.

Develop a profile with a professional presence, which means featuring aspects of yourself advantageous to getting your dream job.

There may be incriminating posts or pictures you have uploaded or was tagged in that you might want to take off your social media accounts and blogs.

Your reputation is something you should be conscious of when you use social media to find a job.

Juan Enriquez, who delivered a TED talk entitled Your Online Life, Permanent as a Tattoo, talks about digital tattoos.

These tell a person’s stories because of the digital trail one leaves, which are long-lasting sources information about a person.

You have done and achieved so much to get to where you are, and taking you further by being careful of the things you put online will help you land your dream job.

#2 Mind What You Post

Being conscious of what and how you post is crucial to using social media to get your dream job.

Check the profiles of esteemed professionals in the industry you want to be part of. You can get clues to the type of information that they share, how they word their posts, and other relevant details they include giving them an edge over the others in their field.

Be on the lookout for keywords related to your dream job, and incorporate those as well to your own profile.

You don’t have to sound serious all the time in using social media to appeal to recruiters.

Include posts about your social, civic, and/or religious involvements.

It also shows how multi-faceted you are, and how flexible you are with your affairs.

#3 Link Your Social Media Accounts

Though you may have almost the same information across channels, recruiters would want to see how you present yourself in various networks since these offer different venues for your personal presence online.

They are also interested in the people and organizations you are affiliated with, as they can also conduct background checks using the provided information.

Remember also that your online accounts are part of your portfolio, and to use social media to get your dream job is more convenient and easier than ever.

You may want to include social media links in your applications.

During your interview, you can share stories and refer them to the ones you posted already. Not only will the recruiter know more about you, but will also enjoy what you have shared on your social media account.

#4 Ensure Your Privacy

You have to be smart to know who to share information with, hence maximizing privacy settings to use social media to get your dream job.

Social media sites require you to provide personal information, such as your email address and phone number.

Set viewing the information only when you recognize that the one who wants to view it is relevant to you.

Remember that there are bogus companies and recruiters online who might take advantage of your information, and being aware of legitimate companies and recruiters will help you in the long run.

Should there be personal information you want on your profile and your other sites, check on customization of privacy settings to help you stay safe online.

Select your audience and the contributors to the post.

This is a precaution so that when recruiters search for your profile, they only see those which are relevant to what they are looking for in their potential employee.


#5 Conduct Industry Research

Look for verified accounts of the companies and groups your dream job’s industry is with.

If you have specific companies that you want to be a part of, you can check their official social media accounts to get to know them better.

Company knowledge is vital since recruiters will ask how much you know about the company you are applying for, and since you should also understand what the company can do for your personal and career growth.

You may also want to follow key persons in the company and industry aside from the official accounts of the companies themselves to increase the chances of landing a dream job.

With the recognition of the importance of social media in today’s world, companies post news and also polls which will give you a better insight into the company’s culture.

Incorporating what you have learned about the company, especially the latest updates they posted online, during your interview will impress your potential employer.

#6 Develop Your Networks

Knowing the right people and making direct connections with them is another way to use social media to get your dream job.

There may be instances when the company you would want to be a part of has no official account. Being connected with those in the industry will help you, but making direct connections with people who are working for your desired company is more effective.

Check on shared connections you may have with your existing contacts.

Engagement with the key persons you have identified is another way to make use of social media for your job search.

Following their account, adding them as social media connections, and sharing and commenting on their posts are ways to make them feel your presence in their accounts.

Eventually, you may be able to send them direct messages to help you with your endeavour. As they allow you to see their profile, you can also check on their networks for them to become part of yours as well.

#7 Actively Participate in Online Discussions and Forums

Use social media to get your dream job by actively engaging in being part of groups and communities related to your field.

Get into and read on conversations in online discussions and forums as these are a pool of formal and informal information.

The make-up of these groups vary, and being part of several may be advantageous to you.

Discussions and forums are ways for you to use social media to get your dream job as those who have similar aspirations and those who have achieved it share data and information.

Here you can find informal but relevant information, tips for application, unposted job openings, and even inside scoops on the people in the company and the company itself.

Your shared insight and information will also be of help to yourself since they can see your sincerity to be part of the company.

Bottom Line

You have to be always conscious of building and developing your social media profile for employers to see your achievements related to what you are applying for and see the potential for you to be part of their company.

It is wise to know about the company and the people you will be working with for your understanding of your future responsibilities and how well you will fit in their company.

Human resources department is the most vital resource in any industry and gathering and sharing information with related personalities will help you land your dream job.