Expectations vs Reality: What to Expect During The Hiring Process

Posted on 08 September 2021

We all know how stressful the hiring process can be. Everything from putting out a job ad to finding the one person who can fit in with your company culture is no small feat. Whether you have a hiring manager, deal with everything yourself, or hire a recruitment agency to take the weight off your shoulders, there’s a lot to consider.  

But we all have expectations, and sometimes the reality of the hiring process doesn’t quite live up to them. You might think time is on your side, have an idea of the ideal candidate already, and more, but then you are faced with a whole host of challenges you didn’t see coming. 

Not sure what to expect during the hiring process? Read on to find out more:

Speed and efficiency

One of the most striking differences between taking on the hiring process yourself and hiring a recruitment agency is the amount of time it takes. 

Recruitment teams are made up of seasoned professionals who have seen businesses rise ad fall over the years. They have insider knowledge and the resources to reach further afield. They know precisely how to draw top talent that would otherwise go unreached. Their influence is such that they can attract the rising stars of the talent pool through an intricate web of talent networks, databases, and more. 

Going at it solo is all well and good. But unless you have untapped resources and are able to reach far and wide, you are going to cost yourself a lot of wasted time and money in the process. You’re also less likely to catch the big fish. Instead, have to settle for small fry that will likely keep your business stagnant. Knowledge is power, after all. 

Dream candidates

If you are passionate about your business, it’s likely that you have established solid company culture and a core set of values that set you apart from the rest. Adding to your team may be a daunting task on the one hand. But you know that the right fit can take your business to the next level. The only catch: you need to find them and snap them up before someone else does!

Although the “perfect” candidate doesn’t exist, there is undoubtedly a high-potential, dream candidate waiting to be found. Using a recruitment agency to help you find them will eliminate unsuitable candidates early on and allow you to reach a specific skillset or particular qualities from the ideal candidate.

There’s no “I” in team

One of your greatest tools in the hiring process is the outstanding team you already have in place. They are the eyes and ears of your company. They have a unique perspective of why it’s so great to work for you. What’s more, they know what is required of them to carry out their job. That is a valuable resource when it comes to hiring. 

Whether you brainstorm with the whole team about where a new hire could fit in or have a designated “employee ambassador,” giving some of the responsibility over to your employees will not only make them feel invested in your new hire, but it will make sure you find the right fit. 

Furthermore, when a team can take ownership of something so specific as the hiring process, they are more likely to provide fundamental support and care for your new recruit. 

Interviews can be tough

Nerves play a crucial part in the hiring process for your prospective hire, and you’ve guessed it, yourself. Meeting new people may come naturally to some of you, but for most of us, trying to connect with someone unfamiliar is a challenge in itself. 

So make it easier on yourself. Reach out to your potential hire ahead of the interview. Whether that’s a brief conversation on the phone or a personal email, make a connection ahead of time. The more comfortable you can feel from the start, the more likely they are going to want to work with you and for you. 

Relationships aren’t built overnight. Like everything, they take work. But coming across as personable and interested in your candidate will make everything else fall into place. So make them a drink, have a brief moment of chit chat and away you go. 

Post interview, keep up the contact. If they have secured the job, decide on a start date and get acquainted on their first day. Take them through the motions, your expectations, and get the rest of the team involved too. If you have to reject a candidate, let the recruitment agency take care of it. Alternatively, you can contact the candidate with a personal email with helpful feedback. 

The hiring process has its own set of expectations that cannot be ignored. From candidate outreach to the interview stage, leaving a lasting impression is more powerful than words that are left unsaid. Which of your potential candidates will make the cut? 

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