New Recruits? 4 Ways to Promote Company Culture

Posted on 01 September 2021

Communicating the great things about your company’s culture is one of the biggest challenges in today’s recruitment world. Even with the best marketing strategies in place, it’s not always clear what benefits top talent are looking for, and how they will ultimately help you to build a stronger company. 

Fortunately, one of the best ways to showcase your culture is to build on you brand, attract worthwhile recruits and engage your top employees. A winning formula, that will not only make you stand out in the industry but will allow you to cultivate and grow as a business. 

Not sure where to begin? Here are 4 ways to promote good company culture:

Employees of worth

Praise is one of the things that a lot of us shy away from, but the reality is, when you are recognised in public for how well you are doing, it not only shows how valuable you are individually but also to the greater team. 

Now you may be an employer that is very appreciative of your employees. You may often send private emails, or have one-on-one conversations with your staff behind closed doors. All of this is good, except it doesn’t show the outer world how much you value your staff. 

Disengaged employees are usually the result of poor management and lack of recognition for all their hard work. When they first arrived on the scene, it’s likely they were on fire. Passionate, bursting with new ideas, and with a hunger to bring their all to your company. But one key thing was missing. Praise in public. 

One of the first places potential new recruits will look is your company’s website and LinkedIn profile. So use them wisely. Praise your staff publicly, and show off your company culture with employee appreciation. 

The power of peer recognition

Peer recognition is one of the most impactful ways to improve your culture. Whether that’s your employees rewarding one another for a job well done or private acknowledgment of everyday accomplishments, your team’s morale can be nurtured through common ground. This can be done through a peer-to-peer recognition system or an employee engagement program. 

Recruitment videos are perfect for showcasing an authentic look into how your company operates and how that reflects in your current employees’ personal experiences. So, capture these moments so they can be documented in your social media, blogs, and website testimonials. There’s nothing more attractive to a new recruit than witnessing the exciting possibility of working with and for you!

(Re)Define your interview style

Interviews are nobody’s favourite thing, regardless of which side of the table you are sat on. We’ve all been there, sat awkwardly waiting to meet our potential new employer for the first time. Everything from sweaty palms to sped-up speech is an indicator of nerves and don’t we all know it. 

But, the interview process is the one place where both candidate and employer can get a good sense of each other. It’s where you can instantly build rapport, see how they think under pressure, how professional they come across, and let’s face it if they are good with time management!

Interviews can be split into three distinct categories:

  • Structured

  • Semi-structured

  • Unstructured

Choosing the one that best suits your company culture will ensure you are as authentic as possible and leave a positive lasting impression on your interviewee. 

Corporate businesses will likely stick to the traditional interview style, whereas if you’re a more relaxed, entrepreneurial company, your interview process should reflect it too. There’s no point pretending to be something you’re not after all. 

Taste and see

With the world currently on its knees with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of obstacles when it comes to how you interact with candidates. However, one of the best ways to promote company culture to new recruits is to allow them to see the whole team in action. 

Plus, if they already made it through the first stage of the interview process, introducing them to their potential co-workers ahead of time will allow them and you to recognise early on if they are going to be a good fit. So have a coffee together, walk around the business, break bread together, see your offices and get an authentic look and sense of your organization’s culture. Zero pressure for them, and all the selling power for you. I mean, you’d be great to work for, no?

Fridays are perhaps the best day to invite candidates along. It’s the end of the week, everyone tends to be more relaxed, and there’s more fun stuff going on as a result. So get your candidate involved in the action. Let them get a good sense of your team’s dynamic and let them get stuck in! 

If face-to-face interaction is impossible due to COVID-19 restrictions, have an online team chat or arrange an employee afternoon in restriction-free premises. 

Company culture is the bread and butter of all successful businesses. It’s where employees recognise their strengths, feel valued, and above all get the recognition they deserve for all their hard work. New recruits should want a slice of that action too!

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