Finding The Best Person – Why Recruitment Is Key

Posted on 29 September 2021

​It’s safe to say 2020 saw its unfair share of ups and downs. With a worldwide pandemic affecting life as we know it, employment also took a hit.

As more employees struggle with uncertain futures, how do you navigate a saturated job market to find the best candidates?

Investing in a recruitment agency like ours will give you the tools you need to find the best person for the job. Giving you the space to continue with your daily activities and not infringing on precious time.

Here’s why we think recruitment is key:

Career development

Hiring a new employee takes time. It’s not so much the recruitment process itself – especially with us fighting in your corner – but it’s the time it takes to train and prepare your candidate for the role.

Considering an employee based on their commitment to developing their career and growing as a professional will make all the difference. Unlike a candidate who has historically job-hopped or is juggling multiple roles, a career-oriented hire is more likely to stick it out.

Hiring someone who is taking the opportunity to advance their career, is more likely to be loyal to your company and be an asset to your team.

Company culture

Finding the best person to fit almost seamlessly into your established company culture is a big deal. Anyone that is going to be disruptive or take away from the positive atmosphere is not going to be a team player.

You want to find a candidate that adds to the culture—someone with strong social and communication skills or someone that is relationship-focused.

Think about your interview questions. Asking about examples of conflict in the workplace and how they felt, responded or resolved the situation are good to know. When you get to to the reference stage, find out how your candidate got along with former colleagues and bosses.

Getting a complete picture of any potential employee will ensure a fruitful future for you both.

Practically speaking

Although qualifications and experience aren’t the makings of the best person to hire, they certainly help. Integration can happen more naturally if your candidate is already familiar with the elements of their new role.

On average a new starter can take anywhere from three to six months before they are confident in their position. Training and time may not always be on your side, so bear this in mind when considering the right candidate for the job.

Set a test

Seeing a candidate in action will make it more straightforward in assessing their abilities and strengths. It allows you as the employer to go beyond a resume and make a more balanced decision.

Presented with a challenge, a candidate will be able to show you how resourceful they are. It will also show you how up to the role they are.

Interviews rarely give you the full picture. So be creative. If you specialise in digital marketing, see how your candidate can build a page or use code. Are you a screen printer? Get them to do a simple design task or print job.

How did your candidate do under pressure?

Review your hiring process

Snapping up top talent isn’t all about the candidate. It’s also about you as a company. Like your expectations, your business needs to grow and develop continuously. So, what’s your hiring process like?

Ironing out the finer points of your hiring process will attract the best people to your company.

How much do you involve your team? What better way to boost morale and find the right candidate than to lean on your established employees. Not only do they know your company, they know the ins and outs of their jobs too. Utilise it.

Hand it over to the professionals

Outsourcing the hiring process to recruitment specialist like us, not only takes the weight off of your shoulders, but it leaves you to stay on top of your daily commitments.

In any case, top talent is rare to come by, and we happen to know a few tricks of the trade to find you the best person for your position.

With the hours spent pouring over CV’s, answering candidate emails and then talking for extended periods of time on the phone delivering information (good news, or bad!) – why put yourself through the stress?

How is your candidate search going? With a wealth of candidates with a spectrum of abilities and experience to choose from, finding the best person to fill the role is a challenge. Let’s talk!

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