Hiring in the Wake of COVID-19? 7 Steps for a Smooth Recruitment Process

Posted on 29 September 2021

Living through a pandemic has highlighted many things across all sectors, particularly how to hire in the face of a global crisis. Wading through these unknown waters, it’s hard to visualise how talent acquisition will recover, but there is hope. 

With practical strategies in place, hiring in the wake of COVID-19 is still possible. Top talent is still out there, after all. We’ve whittled down 7 steps to ensure a smooth recruitment process so that you can attract the talent you need to step towards your growing future. 

Embrace remote interviews

Although some businesses will have flung their doors open wide in recent months to employees and clients alike, for the foreseeable future, many job interviews will be conducted online. 

Finding that balance between emotional connection and authenticity while face to face with a webcam isn’t for everyone, but video interviews are here to stay, so sit back, relax and get ready to embrace professionalism live! 

One of the most prominent challenges interviewers face is knowing how to position and talk to the camera. Even in video form, people like to keep eye contact where possible and be able to see who they are speaking to clearly. Some things to watch out for:

·  Lighting: lens glare from your glasses or hiding in the shadows may lose you professional points, so make sure you position yourself in from of the camera before hitting record to ensure your lighting is set up to illuminate your face best!

·  Try and keep eye contact as much as possible by looking directly into the webcam

·  Choose a clean, uncluttered background, and avoid busy virtual backgrounds – they’re just distracting

·  Dress the part, head to toe

·  Remember to smile

·  Don’t forget your natural gesticulation patterns!

Adopt a Gen Z mindset

If you’re not au fait with the differences between millennials and Gen Z, then it’s time you let go of your “boomer” mindset and get in tune with your potential future employees! 

Job seekers appreciate tech-savvy organisations. Some won’t even apply for a role if they think its recruitment methods are outdated, and if you’re hoping to snap up and attract top talent, then you need to ensure your brand message embraces cutting-edge tech. 

Video recruitment is no longer simply an option; it is an essential gamechanger for the recruiting process’s full stop. It allows recruiters to conduct interviews on-demand. No more juggling and scheduling interviews. Instead, you get to catch people at their best on the day, typically from the comfort of their own home. 

Pandemic or not, if you are already using recruitment technology, then you’ve significantly cut your standard time-to-hire period. Nice work!

Greater flexibility

New recruits have never had so many working from home/remote opportunities as now, and the perks and benefits are incredibly workable for businesses and employees alike:

·  Workers are now confident to perform their jobs efficiently remotely

·  The talent pool is more significant than ever before – going beyond your local catchment area

·  With video interviews, you set a precedent for the future of your workplace

·  Depending on your business, remote working allows for more flexibility of hours, and even the day’s people work

Tap into recruitment resources

We know a thing or two when it comes to reaching top talent far and wide, and tapping into our eclectic, well-researched, and implemented recruitment resources will give you all the recruiting power you need to attract your next team member. 

From discovering the perfect match for the role on offer through a series of keywords and experience content to finding yourself amongst industry experts, there’s a lot to utilise for your own company’s next stage of recruitment. 

Visionaries and leaders

All companies have a set of pain points, and the best talent around will know how to press them. And with the world on its knees, snapping up the visionaries, the thinkers, and the leaders will take your business’s trajectory to the next level. 

If Covid has taught us anything, it is to hold each of your employees in high esteem. Their experiences throughout their personal and working lives will undoubtedly impact the morale of your whole team. 

Hiring some movers and shakers into the mix may breathe new life and attainable expectations amongst your workforce. But, leaning on the team you have in place already to help source “fresh meat” and get their voices heard will be the beating heart of your recruitment process. 

Appoint a team leader to speak on behalf of your employees. Let them have their say on where the business should go next, who they think the next hire should be, and of course, help them shape that job role. 

Soft skills are worth more than you think

Soft skills are one of those things that traditionally haven’t had much of the spotlight amongst recruiters. And then Covid happened. 

The ability to demonstrate soft skills such as flexibility, listening and empathy has never been more important in the current climate. These skills are topping candidates’ lists now more than ever. Having these skills will better equip your employees to handle challenging projects and working relationships, unlike the typical qualities that have scored highest over the years, such as agility, leadership, and communication.

Top talent will be able to demonstrate some of their skills through a few real-life examples. Try and focus on:

·  Empathy

·  Communications

·  Problem-solving

·  Critical thinking

·  Adaptability

·  Social/interpersonal skills

Beyond this, if your candidate has already established significant experience working in a remote team, then you may have hit the jackpot already! Give them space to tell their story in an interview, and pay attention to the challenges they faced and how they addressed them and found a solution.

Hiring in the wake of COVID-19 doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. With the right knowledge, tech and brand identity you’ll attract your next hire in no time.

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