How To Include Your Team In The Hiring Process

Posted on 13 October 2021

​Challenging and often daunting, the recruitment process can be a stressful time for a company. Finding the ideal candidate is often tainted by the hefty interviewing process mixed with conflicting time cost benefits.

What most organisations fail to realise is that their greatest asset is their current team.

Additional responsibility is an excellent way to boost your team's morale and loyalty to your firm. Allowing your team to contribute to the future of your company, will make them feel more invested in the hiring outcome.

Here’s why we think including your team in the hiring process is a good idea:

Your team feels valued

Want your team to feel valued? Then invest in their opinions.

Building a strong collaborative team comes down to what makes your team tick. No-one understands their role better than a valued employee. They are your eyes and ears on the ground after all.

Make your expectations clear from the start, so each team member knows their part in the hiring process. Valuing their input will help influence your final hiring decision.

Although the final say belongs to you or your hiring manager, your current employees thoughts should matter. As they will be the ones working alongside your next hire, it’s a good foundation to build up strong relationships within your team going forward.

Culture building

Finding a cultural fit is essential when considering who to hire. Team dynamics affect the emotional atmosphere as well as an effective working one.

Logistically it is harder involving your team, and it can lead to some challenging team dynamics between who’s included and who is not. The payoff though, is worth it. You get multiple perspectives and insights that you may not find on your own.

The more information you can get as a hiring manager will make your hiring decision simpler and you are more likely to secure a higher calibre candidate as a result.

Involving your team will ultimately incur great cultural gains. You are more likely to see improved productivity, increased employee retention and get better hiring results.

Accountability and trust

If you’re all in the hiring process together it encourages better accountability throughout your team, and it builds a trusting relationship.

A collaborative team effort not only gets your whole team onboard with who you hire, they have an invested interest in it working out. Also, they are less likely to mutiny if you have to let your new candidate go.

Everyone can get behind a good strategy and plan if they feel like they have a stake in it too.

Personally invite your interviewers

Want to get the best out of your team at an interview? Well, pull out all the stops. Put a call out for interviewers across the company and see who wants to get involved. It might surprise you who does!

Top-performers don’t have to be the ones to sit on each interview. Appealing to the diversity across your company will as a result diversify your team’s brainpower.

Your team will feel empowered that you are appealing to everyone across the board, rather than Pidgeon-holing the same 3-4 people to get involved.

Group meet and greet

An off-shoot of the formal interview is leaving space for your candidate to meet your team in a less formal scenario. Giving your whole team an opportunity to meet the potential new hire will let you see if they are a good fit.

Less planning is involved and your candidate can get a sense of the workplace culture.

So choose an environment that aligns with your company’s cultural values. It could be an interactive game, or a relaxed coffee break. Whatever you choose, pick the activity that is closest to your true culture. It will show you how well your potential candidate will fit in later.

Seeing a candidate in a more relaxed, casual environment has its benefits. Away from the formalities of a traditional interview, your potential new hire will be more at ease and interact with your team more naturally.

Informal doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a framework and structure. Before the event, discuss with your team the outcomes of the interview; what characteristics and attributes are you looking for from your next hire? It will give you a more rounded view of your potential hire and your team will feel valued for their involvement in the process.

Ready to get the whole team onboard with your next hire? Collaborative teamwork builds lasting relationships, motivated employees and allows the whole team to have an invested interest in your new hire. Need help with the rest? Get in touch!

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