Candidate Minded Recruitment: How to Attract Top Talent

The recruitment world is changing. Candidates no longer wait for the juiciest bait to lead them to the top dog; instead, top talent picks you. 

It all simply boils down to a shifting paradigm within the industry. Talent has become customers, and therefore the focus is more directed at the candidate experience. Everything from company culture to defined brand identity all plays a part. 

Futureproofing your hiring process is not as overwhelming as you might think. Here’s our quick guide to mastering candidate minded recruitment: 

Top candidates want to hear from you

According to LinkedIn, 90% of candidates are open to new job opportunities. With that, the whole concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) is working in the employer’s favor!  Dream opportunities are so hard to come by in the world of business, after all. 

Developing outreach strategies not only is showing that you value business etiquette, but it shows that you are willing to flatter potential hires. What’s more, you are invested in their skills and experiences. Nothing is more flattering than that. 

Having a designated hiring manager to reach out to candidates also gives the impression of authority. According to research, “people respond to authority often without realizing it.” Whether it’s what a Doctor has recommended or the law, we are all naturally more inclined to go along with the authoritative voice. Hiring managers are no different. Candidates are, therefore, more likely to want to respond to them. 

The first message is the most important

Now that you’ve established a hiring system and recruitment process, your first message to any candidate needs to be packed full with enough information to get them excited about what you want to offer. This can include information about:

  • Job details/title/salary range
  • Company culture/why I fit
  • Company overview and mission

Before you get ahead of yourself, you don’t want to include every juicy detail. Holding back some of the more enticing details such as salary will add to the intrigue. Your candidate will feel more compelled to find out the missing information and will become more invested in their future with you as an employer. 

Then you want to add a personal touch to the letter. Make it about your candidate. Take time to craft a “you-centric” response to the candidate, such as “you have x expertise to lead our team.” Personal impact is the key. So helping them discover how they will be attuned to the role you are offering will tick the “fitting in” box that most candidates are so desperate to fill. 

What’s more, make sure you sound human. Candidates are more likely to be interested in an employer who is relatable and authentic than a tight-lipped formality. 

Embrace the digital world

Anyone who is in business knows that without advances in digital technology, most of us wouldn’t have survived the pandemic! The hiring process is no different. 

No longer are you confined to your localised area? The world is literally at your fingertips, giving you the untapped potential to attract the best talent available. What’s more, you can demonstrate more flexibility, offer a whole range of digital resources, and be more available to provide insightful team meetings. 

Getting your website as visible and accessible as possible ahead of the hiring process will encourage top talent to seek you out. It’s the ultimate destination for any aspiring hire. So offer resources, tips & help to candidates, invest in your company brand identity, and make it as authentic as possible by utilising the team you already have. 

If you’re feeling brave enough, adopting a “tell it how it is” online strategy with brutally honest job descriptions, real photos, and unscripted employee testimonials. 

Candidates like research

Remember your sharp, fresh, and captivating website that you have just invested in to entice your next hire? Well, so does your candidate. As they are top talent, they will spend time scrutinising your website, social media, and overall online presence. 

Setting your candidates up for success is one of the best tools you have as an employer. So explain your interviewing process on your website. Have a dedicated section that works as a guidebook with handy tips and videos. The more transparent you are, the more trustworthy you will appear to potential candidates. Information is power. 

Sharing resources allows you to set clear expectations too. Outlining the interview process to a realistic timeframe will make you stand as an employer. It also allows your candidate to feel like they are in the driving seat. That sense of control will pay dividends to how they respond to your honesty and encourage a desire to work for you in the process. 

Top talent makes the world go round. Are you prepared to embrace candidate-minded recruitment? For extra tips and advice, contact our friendly team here