Do You Think An Office Dog Increases Productivity in The Workplace?

In the working office we have experienced many changes over the past 20 years; it was only 13 years ago that it was acceptable and often seen someone sitting at their desk smoking a cigarette, so hard to imagine isn’t it ? The same as office banter, let’s think of Ricky Gervais “The Office”, he often mocked women as being secondary to men or spoke in a homphobic manner, this is so unacceptable in 2019.

So as the title suggests, my question is, Is it acceptable to have an office dog in the business?

We introduced Reggie to our Spear Recruitment Head Office in 2015 and the incumbent staff took to him immeditely needless to say each time we took on a new recruit in this specific office we had to seek prior approaval from them however thankfully no one ever objected to having him about.

Reggie’s was my family dog and as the Managing Director of Spear Recruitment Ltd each day I came into work, so did Reggie, every morning I came in Reggie would greet each member of the team for the first 15 minutes, picking up all those new smells that each and everyone had brought in to work with them that day and come 9am after his breakfast he would be in my own office snoozing on my sofa.

Come lunchtime he was often seen in stealth mode loitering about but overtime I trained him not to beg for food from those sitting and eating at their desks, in the afternoon Reggie would often retreat downstairs to the the Accounts and Administration offices , he would lie close to exit ensuring he always bathed in the afternoon sun, a clever dog because he always got attention by each member of staff that passed him.

Sadly we are now 1 week on from the sudden passing of Reggie (18:05hrs 5th July 2019) and as a family it broke our hearts but equally coming to work on Monday many of the staff were also devastated by the sad news and the question now is, Do we get another dog for the office?

Remembering Reggie (Video)

I can honestly say that I believe having Reggie in the office was a major positive not only for me but also all of the staff in the business, for me I saw him as a home comfort and I am the first to admit I spoke to him regulary often expecting a reply but only to receive happy facial expressions and often when I held meetings in my office Reggie would always greet guests and he was always a positive talking point, so much so I actually set up his own email address and people did message this!

So what are your thoughts on having an office dog?

Do you think it is acceptable in 2019 to have an animal present around staff, do you believe that as work stress seems to increase year on year that an office dog could help alleviate stress? I know it did with some of my team.