How to Attract Top Talent to Your Business

It’s easy to assume that candidates are attracted to a job due to the financial incentive. 

However, what makes a business attractive to work for in the first place goes beyond the salary. 

Potential candidates seek out how a business presents itself – on social media, on job site platforms, and how you show your business’ identity. 

Finding individuals who fit your company culture and go beyond just having the “right” skills are going to be a more worthy long-term investment. 

Showcase your company’s core values, your authenticity and culture to get the perfect candidate into your ranks. 

Let’s explore a few key points in how to attract top talent…


From the offset, if you are transparent, open and honest about who you are as a company you are going to find the best fit in a new hire. 

Seeing how an applicant thrives in an interview, you will be able to work out quite quickly who will succeed in your environment. 

Authenticity is key. If you are not authentic about your values as a company, or you chop and change to suit other employees, hiring new talent is going to be difficult. Building a culture that is true to the core values of your company is the best place for your employees, current and new, to thrive. 

Potential candidates are going to be attracted to the experience your business can offer them. You are building your business’ culture on the employee experience. So, what makes your business a cut above the rest? What do you offer that makes you the company above the rest?

Utilise The Talent You Already Have

Get your employees on board with the recruitment process.

There’s no better way to showcase how authentic your business is than by getting your current employees involved too. 

Not only are you encouraging the talent you already have, but you are also giving your employee’s a stake in their future colleague. 

Your employees have a good sense of who you are as a company. Why don’t you provide your employees with a set of “recruitment cards”? Giving a card out to a potential new hire, while recognising vital skills and experience, may well find you the best talent out there. It also shows that you put your employees first – that’s attractive!

Offering your employees an incentive to refer new talent, is going to raise the bar for who they might find. Mutually beneficial, your employees will be thrilled to have incentives – extra holiday time, experience vouchers etc. – while you gain quality, top-talent.

Creative Headhunting

Finding employment online has been made so much easier due to the great platforms available.

 Beat the competition by utilising these platforms to headhunt your ideal candidate. Our very own Spear Recruitment or social media platforms such as LinkedIn are a rich source of high-quality talent. 

Involve your team in the process! Getting your top-performing team on board may give you the edge on the field. Staff can create their own LinkedIn profile to help you catch potential talent. 

It may seem counterintuitive for you as the employer to seek out candidates, but it may well be your best hire to date!

Offer Stability

For most individuals, the most attractive draw to a company is long term employment and stability. Building a career, growing a family and running a home are all motivations that require a stable job. Make your business more attractive to top talent by offering them the shot at a rewarding and worthwhile career.

Can you offer the promise of bonuses and other incentives? Are you able to map out a progression structure? Again, putting your employees first is a solid foundation for a successful business.

Enhance your company’s bottom line by building a firm foundation in what you offer your employees—stability breeds confidence and contentment—leading to productivity and loyalty.  

Top talent are looking for an environment they can thrive and progress in for the duration of their career. 

Exciting, dynamic and a healthy work-life balance are all desirable qualities top talent looks for in a business.

Top talent are looking for a corporate brand they can identify with – one that has a defined set of core values and an authentic approach.  

Presenting a clear brand image and a team of colleagues who are equally in love with your business will be the most attractive stake a recruit will seek out.

Stand out, attract the best.