How To Find The Right Employee For Your Small Business

Making the best hire for your small business is a minefield on the job monopoly board. 

With most small businesses carrying a family vibe, finding the right fit is definitely not an easy task. It can also cost you a fortune if you make a mistake in the hiring process.

Unlike large corporations, small business owners are often the director, accountant, salesperson, HR department and cleaner all in one, talk about a headache!  

So how can a small business find a worthy candidate for their role? 

Here’s our simple guide to finding the perfect person for your business. 

What are you offering?

Before you even consider hiring new talent, you need to know what the role on offer involves. 

  • What can a new hire offer to your company? 
  • What is the overall goal of the position? 
  • Write down the essential and desirable criteria for the role
  • Salary, benefits, time commitment?
  • Flexibility? Hours?

Ultimately, what will a new hire bring to the company? If you’re not sure, it might not be the best time to bring on a new recruit. 

We’d suggest putting a one-pager together about why your company is a literal dream to work for covering the questions listed above. With this document in hand, you can be confident that the best candidates will be pumped about working for you.

Obviously this can be a time-consuming task but, we think it’s worth it. 

Give yourself some time

Investing part of your working week into a potential new hire is essential to finding the right candidate. As small businesses rarely have an HR department, you are likely going to be responsible for the hiring process. So, give yourself some time.

Always consider outsourcing. It’s a highly viable option and isn’t anywhere near as costly as most people think. It takes the weight off of your shoulders and significantly improves the process. 

Outsourcing to expert recruiters really can make all the difference here (We know of one firm who are pretty exceptional on this front- wink wink). 

Don’t panic hire

Hiring under unnecessary pressure is never going to produce good fruit in the workplace. If you have to compromise on anything that isn’t in line with your company’s ethos, don’t do it. 

Costly mistakes are made when business owners feel like they need to fill a seat. Panic hiring won’t help your business to grow. It will likely affect the morale and working environment you have lovingly built over the years. 

Waiting for the right fit is always going to be the better option. 

Don’t limit yourself

Knowing where to look for top talent can be a significant stumbling block for small business owners. Merely talking to fellow business owners, friends, family, and other vendors can lead you to the right candidate. But, not necessarily the best. 

As far as best friends go, the internet is going to untap a wealth of talent waiting at your door. 

Recruitment agencies, such as Spear Recruitment can help you tailor, shape and connect with the right hire for you with a few simple clicks. Investing a short amount of time with us will give you a long term hire that will prosper in your ranks. What’s better, you can do it all from the comfort of your desk! 

See the passion

Meeting a potential hire in the flesh can reveal a lot about a person. Getting past skills and talent, are they passionate about working for you? 

Do they sound like they’ve researched your company? If they have, your interviewee is likely keen to be a part of your team. They’ve gone above and beyond to get a feel for your business.

Have they got questions for you? Do they share any ideas with you? Have they had previous, relevant experience?

Taking into account all of these questions will often separate the weeds from the chaff. 

With our deep industry experience and personalised service, we can help give you all the advice and resources you need to find the best fit for you.

Investing the time and effort now, before a hire is the best possible way to ensure you’ll land the ideal candidate. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, remember there are fantastic resources out there for you to tap into such as our very own recruitment services