How to Follow Up on a Job Application

Once you’ve applied for a job, the waiting game begins. If you have not heard back from the employer in a week or so, you may want to send a polite follow-up.

Here are a few key steps to follow up effectively.


Reach Out to the Right Person

You should always reach out to the person making the final decision, who will normally be the hiring manager.

Try to find their contact details, which may be provided on the job ad or on the company’s website.

Alternatively, call up the main desk and ask for their email address.


Send a Follow-Up Email

When the time comes to send the email, make sure it is clear, short and professional. Use the subject line to explain that you are following up on the application, and always be polite.

Reiterate why you are interested and why you are the right person but don’t sound desperate.

Ask if they would like any further details, and finish it there.


Give them a Call

If you do not receive a reply to your email, you may want to call the hiring manager.

When you call them, ask if it is a convenient time to chat. If it’s not, find out when you can call back.

Keep it simple, just like the email. Remind them that you sent in an application and that you want to check whether they received it.

State that you are very interested, and ask if they have any questions for you.

Say that you would be happy to talk some more, and leave it there.


Wait for the Response

Once you have contacted the hiring manager by email or phone, it’s time to wait again. Don’t follow up more than twice, otherwise, you may start to annoy them, and this will not help your chances.

While you’re waiting, remember to keep up the search for work.

You might not get the job, so continue to apply for other jobs – and follow up with them as well.