How To Give Feedback to Your Employees

Giving feedback properly is one of the key skills all employers should have, but it’s not always easy. You need to give feedback in a way that will have the desired results. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, here are some tips on giving feedback properly.

Don’t Delay Feedback

One of the first things to make sure you do is provide feedback regularly. Don’t delay it for the annual review, otherwise, your employees will keep on making the same mistakes. When you need to say something, don’t hold back, and get into the habit of providing feedback regularly.

Take a Positive Approach

No one likes to be told how badly they are doing. Even when employees make mistakes, try to focus on the positives. They need to know where they can improve, and you’ll get much better results from your feedback when you focus on the positives.

Be Specific

Don’t be too general with your feedback, and keep it as specific as possible. You want to make sure your employees know exactly what you are telling them, so focus on specific tasks and the way in which the tasks could be improved. The whole purpose is to improve their results, not to leave them feeling more confused.

Give Feedback in Private

No one likes being criticised in front of other people. If you have negative feedback to give, make sure you do so in a private meeting, otherwise, you will leave the employee in question feeling angry and you may achieve the opposite of what you want.

There is a good argument for giving positive criticism in public, but it depends on the employee in question. Some people will not want to be publicly praised, so consider the personality of each employee when deciding how to give feedback.

Accept Feedback

Finally, make sure you can also accept feedback from your employees. Provide your employees with the opportunity to ask you questions and to tell you when they are unclear about something. Make sure they can always bring their concerns to you.

Improve How You Give Feedback

Providing feedback properly can have a positive impact on your employees and the organisation as a whole. Recognising great work boosts morale and performance, and helping your employees to do better without criticising them unnecessarily can help them to up their game. So follow these tips and provide better feedback to your employees.