How to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

COVID-19 has wholly shattered the way we work. Today you are more likely to be sat at home behind a desk or a makeshift workspace, and you and your employees are feeling the strain. Throw in homeschooling, confined spaces and a breakdown of relationships, and you quickly realise that you can no longer separate work from home. 

Job security is uncertain, and stress levels are at an all-time high. There has been a surge in mental health-related problems as a result, and people are feeling the weight of uncertainty like never before. 

So how can you promote wellness in the workplace in such trying times? Let’s find out:

What is workplace wellness?

Now more than ever before, balancing work and leisure have given rise to workplace wellness. You see, we can’t separate ourselves from work! 73% of 25 – 40-year-olds are working 40+ hour weeks, with a quarter working more than 50 hours a week. 

With greater responsibilities and hours on the job, employees are setting higher expectations for their work to create a wellness culture. What’s more, employees are staying in the workforce for longer. So there is a higher demand to keep your staff happy and healthy and to keep them satisfied in their work. 

Productivity and job satisfaction, as we all know, have a tangible impact on the bottom line. Therefore, promoting a strong culture of belonging and mutual purpose is necessary to take your company to the next level. 

When your workplace affects your mental health and wellbeing, then you, as the employer, need to reevaluate your company’s core values and practices. You should never live just to work after all! 

Improve the office environment

Although wobbly chairs and drafty meeting rooms are mostly a thing of the past, your remote working space may echo back to the dark ages of business living. As grounds up, innovative companies begin to soar and make their impact on the industry, so does our expectations of implementing higher standards of comfort. They don’t just stop at the office either!

Ergonomic keyboards, impact reducing standing mats, and supportive seating are becoming staple features of the workspace. Throw in balance chairs, climate control features, noise reduction and vastly improved air and light quality, and your employees have never felt better. 

What’s more, you can continually improve your office environment. It’s an evergreen resolution that will positively impact productivity, reduce sickness and time off, and improve the overall employee experience. 

Be led by your employees

When you give your employee’s the space to voice their ideas, you allow them to take ownership of the process and, by extension, your organisation as a whole. Furthermore, you are allowing them to highlight areas in the workplace that need improvement. You no longer waste company efforts and budget. Instead, your employees get the services they want and need. 

Ownership is born out of that feeling of company belonging when they have a hand in developing programs. They ultimately feel connected to the initiatives and are more likely to participate as a result. Whether that looks like open team discussions, individual reviews, or a wellness committee, your employees will feel their value more. 

Depending on your company’s size, you may only be able to deliver a handful of employee-led initiatives. Some of the best ones look like this:

  • Onsite fitness programs – yoga, meditation, HITT, in-office massage
  • Weight loss groups
  • Smoking cessation
  • Running clubs
  • Book clubs

Wellness doesn’t equate to expense or facility changes. As you can see, your wellness program can include low-barrier schemes that can radically improve the lives of your staff. 

Create a space for everyone

Overall wellness is connected to how the way work makes us feel, despite our challenges or differences. With this in mind, some of the best workspaces are those that are designed with everyone in mind. 

That means rising above baseline legal expectations and creating a space that is not only functional but comfortable for everyone who visits or works in your space. What’s more, embracing a supportive environment for those facing invisible challenges or disabilities will allow your space to be accessible to all. 

Allowing a separate area to promote emotional wellness, away from the hubbub of the office, will allow your employees to thrive when confronted by the pressures and added stresses of daily life in the workplace. 

Workplace wellness benefits everyone. Whether you’re the CEO, an employee or a visitor, establishing a positive wellness initiative will take your company to the next level. Staff will feel more valued and ready to take on more significant challenges. How will you promote wellness for your company?