How to Properly Brief the Recruitment Agency on Your Vacancy

When you hire a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy, the brief you provide is essential to helping them achieve a satisfactory result. So how should you brief your recruitment agency?

Detail the Steps You Have Already Taken

Have you already tried to fill the vacancy yourself?

You may be approaching an agency because you have already tried and failed to find a suitable candidate.

If so, clarify the exact efforts you have made.

In your brief, provide details about the strategies you have used, the places you have advertised and the candidates you have already approached.

If any candidates have already attended an interview, explain why they did not get the job.

This will help your agency to save a lot of time by avoiding the approaches that have not worked for you.


Set a Deadline for When You Need to Fill the Role

Your recruitment agency should know when you want the role filled by. If you have unrealistic expectations, the agency will tell you.

But it is essential for them to know when you want the role filled by, and when you want to start seeing CVs, so they can plan their approach effectively.


State the Purpose of the Vacancy

Your recruitment agency needs to know everything about the purpose of the vacancy if you want them to find the right candidates.

Has someone recently left your company? Is your company growing and you have a new role? Explain the nature of the role, their responsibilities, and the essential skills candidates will need.


Clarify Exactly What You Are Offering

Don’t forget to include what you offer too. You want to attract the best candidates, so what can they expect? Include details of salary, perks, promotion prospects and more.

When it comes to the salary, the recruitment agency may provide you with advice if they think you are offering too little for the skills you are seeking.


Provide Details of the Interview Process

Make sure your recruitment agency knows how you are planning to carry out the interviews. They will need to tell the candidates exactly what they can expect, so include all the relevant details.


Provide as Much Info as You Can

The above guidelines should help you to better prepare your brief. As a general rule, simply provide as much information as you can.

The more info your recruitment agency has, the more likely they are to find the right candidates and providing a satisfying service all around.