How to use networking to land your dream automotive role

Networking, it’s a word that is often used when discussing recruitment in any job field. It is always stressed as essential and yet it is rarely used in a concise manner. What does networking even mean in 2018 and how can you utilize it to land your dream automotive role.


Contrary to popular belief, networking isn’t just a relentless way of self-promoting. It’s about creating and nurturing valuable relationships to give yourself a career boost. The automotive industry is highly competitive, and networking can give you that leg up to get ahead.


The full benefits of networking can only be realized once you have conducted thorough research on the type of job role you want. You can get a far better idea of the type of experience and qualifications that your specific automotive role requires. Online research will only tell one side of the story, however. You can reach out to professionals and really get an insider’s perspective on how things work in the industry. You should think of networking as a unique opportunity to learn more about the industry and to understand the characteristics of those who have been in the field for a while. It can give you a sense of the things you may need to do to reach a level where you are truly competitive for the job role you desire.


It is important to make the best use of LinkedIn. There has been a lot said about this professional social networking website, but the bottom line is that it is an invaluable networking tool in 2018. It may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, the website can offer you a fantastic way to build connections that help you land your dream role.


This brief guide will have detailed the importance of networking and how it can help you land that dream role. Even if you don’t attain instant success in your job hunt, networking can help to provide a fresh perspective and invaluable research.