How To Write The ULTIMATE Job Description

Want great talent applying for your job post? Well, writing a well-crafted job description is your first step to success.

Getting it right before you even start the application process will attract the cream of the crop, and weed out unwanted applicants.

Finding a balance between marketing, your company’s ethos, and the reality of the job you wish to create isn’t as difficult as it may first appear. With values, mission and culture at the centre of your job description, you will find the top talent for your business. 

Here is a simple guide to finding you the right hire.

Know Your Language

Finding a job title that fits with the role on offer is going to be less confusing and easier to find for prospective applicants. 

So, you may think that the role requires a digital marketing ‘wizard,’ or a ‘savvy’ accountant to get the right fit, but that’s just not the case. Applicants are more likely to be searching for relevant terms than random cultural slurs. 

Top talent tends to know the industry they are keen to be a part of. Using that fact will be a win for your company. 

Engage the Reader

Using the right words is crucial to pique the interest of the reader. What makes the job so brilliant? How is working for your company going to be life-changing? Grab your applicants attention in the job overview.

Come join our creative team…

Using invitational language is a hook for talent that want to be part of something bigger. Your organisation should reflect something greater than mundane jobs elsewhere. Your post on offer needs to be built around dedication, trust and offer a clear career trajectory.

Be Specific

Development and growth are fundamental features for finding great talent. Not only do they show your commitment as a company for building on what you have already achieved so far, but it also allows a fresh perspective. You are opening the door for someone else to offer their phenomenal skills to the table. 

Captivating candidates with engaging information about how your company fits into a broader industry is exciting. Why not add how your business is transforming industry-wide processes? 

Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Mentioning how a candidate can help shape the future of the industry with their skills and knowledge will get the top talent’s attention straight away. 

Make it a Team Effort

What better way to reflect the ethos of your company than by collaborating with your current employees. 

Having your team members evaluate current job descriptions will give you the criteria that matter. Only they will be able to honestly say what skills are relevant to the role, and what can be learned on the job. After all, it’s a field they are very familiar with too. 

Giving space to find the best hire for the role, rather than someone that has had years of experience will allow you to see a well-rounded and more diverse pool of candidates apply.  

Know Your Culture

Will I fit in with the team? Am I going to enjoy working there? Everyone who has ever applied for a job will have asked themselves the same questions. 

Culture is the underlining factor in the workplace. It can affect morale, sales, profits and more. Inspiring a good work ethic, performance and drive in your employees is what you want. 

Highlighting why it’s so great to work for your company will do wonders. What are the perks? Discounts? Free parking? Flexibility? Work from home opportunities? Dress down Friday? We all want to know! So, write it in your job description. 

Never Forget to Spell-Check

Simple errors in grammar, spelling and the odd typo will send alarm bells ringing for an on the ball candidate. It may well cost you the most exceptional hire your company will ever know. 

Proofreading your job description before putting it out into the world is fundamental. You must do it! 

Be Different

Nothing is more frustrating than sifting through hundreds of job descriptions. Standing out from the crowd, offering an eye-catching, or alternative approach to the humble CV may be your winning moment on the job hunt front. 

With technology evolving at a rapid rate, why not add a video application option to your job description? Film your employees advocating why it is so wonderful to work for you?

The bottom line

Crafting the perfect job description that reflects your company; its ethos, culture and values are possible. 

How are you going to stand out from the crowd?