Outsourcing Recruitment: Why It Just Makes Sense

We think it’s fair to say the global economy has changed massively in the wake of Covid-19. 

As the UK faces a tremendous rise in unemployment, skills abundance , and rapidly changing business conditions, outsourcing has never been more crucial to the success or failure of a business. 

Time pressures are ever-present in the world of business, having everything in place ready to handle demand and grow ahead of the curve can feel like a far-off task.  

With such a large haystack to sift through, finding that needle – namely your perfect hire, is daunting.  

That’s where outsourcing recruitment comes in – leaving you space to focus more time on what matters in your business. 

Here’s why we think outsourcing recruitment makes the most sense:

No longer out of reach

In a post COVID world, it’s not that talent isn’t out there but that, it’s much harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve seen lots of job vacancy postings receive unprecedented numbers of applicants. 

If you’ve got the time to sort through 500+ CV’s and double that in covering letters, emails etc. Then we’d question how your business is thriving. No one running a business or even the HR department, has the time to do this. The solution is simple – outsource to a recruitment firm. 

Good recruitment is like sifting for Gold. There’s a whole heap of technique involved and, while time-consuming, when you crack the technique, the results are worth the wait. This is why companies like ours do what we do. We value the thrill of the chase, the sorting through and pinpointing the exact person ideally suited to the roles we are seeking to fill. 

Even if you feel up for the challenge, the likelihood of top-talent being among that pile of CV’s is slim to none. Top-talent are employed, happy and productive people rarely searching for a job or sending out CV’s. That kind of talent can feel intensely out of reach. 

Again, that’s why outsourcing just makes sense. We know how to headhunt. We know how to locate the perfect candidate and reach out. We know how to talk top-talent into jumping ship. 

Outsourcing to a reputable recruitment company like us, can build contacts that will last a lifetime. Breaking into the job market doesn’t need to be complicated to yield fruitful results. 


Nothing is more beneficial to a company than keeping your overheads down. 

Often when businesses rely on head-hunters, job boards and high turnover, outgoing costs can spiral almost to tipping point. But why let them?

Outsourcing is the solution; cutting costs due to quick turnaround and finding you a higher quality hire. All in all, outsourcing alleviates the pressure of merely ticking a hiring box. It allows your company to reach a better calibre of talent for less man hours. 

You can focus on your company

I think it’s obvious we’re banging this drum: Recruitment takes time. 

When you are trying to balance the daily running of your company as well as finding the optimum candidate to push your business forward, there is little to no time left for you to focus on anything else. 

Good recruiters want to catch the right candidate for your job. It’s what we do! 

All day, everyday recruiters spend their time searching through particular areas of expertise, while matching the perfect candidate for the role. You wouldn’t have a neurosurgeon caring for cats after all! 

So, rather than wearing the recruitment hat for the day, contact somebody whose whole business was created to fill that need. 

Recruitment is a full-time job, and so is yours – outsource. It just makes sense. 


The recruitment process at first glance may look pretty straightforward until you look into the massive, complex world of hiring. 

Here’s a little glimpse of what is involved (and this is simplified): 

  • Copious amounts of administration
  • Call management
  • Negotiating salaries
  • Arranging interviews
  • Hosting interviews 
  • Shortlisting top-level candidates
  • Dealing with rejections
  • Taking references

Then, there are the thousands of calls that you have to take from people that are definitely not suitable for the role! 

Why would you put yourself through all that?

With all of this in mind, outsourcing to the experts sounds dreamy and – it just makes sense. 

Time is back on your side

Poorly managed recruitment can lead to increased time-to-hire and lose you money in the process.

No longer cost-effective, your best hiring opportunities disappear before you realise.  Interviews take longer than they need, and you’re already at the end of the working week before any decision is made. 

Interviews don’t need to suck away large portions of your working day. So, why let them?

Having an effective hiring system in place will allow you to snap up top talent before the competition, and leave you time to get to know your candidates. Outsourcing will enable you to avoid hiring delays and to seek top talent in the quickest time possible.  

Makes sense right?  

Identifying the right candidate

Our society’s obsession with hiring based on skills and experience alone often leaves missed opportunities for you, the company, and the right candidate for the role. 

A good recruitment company will use their resources to search far and wide to find the best candidate for the job, as well as highlight someone who can implement change.

Hiring managers can only search for candidates as and when a position becomes available. Recruiters, on the other hand, have a constant stream of candidates at their disposal.  

Take the stress out of hiring. Outsourcing recruitment gives you the most exceptional opportunity to find top talent and the best candidate for the role. Recruitment has never been easier!