Recruitment is Evolving – How to Find Top Talent

Anyone who is in business has felt the tangible impact of COVID-19. Gone are the days of milling around the office, staff parties, and in-person assessments. Traditional hiring processes are out the window, and the fully remote, digital experience has transformed the way we think and operate entirely. 

Industries have grown, and others have fallen under the weight of pandemic-caused pressures and projections that never came to light. 

Recruitment is evolving, and forward-thinking businesses are too. Here’s our guide to finding top talent in 2021:

Embrace the digital age

Business purists know that any industry has to adapt to survive. Whether you focus your vision elsewhere or adopt critical strategies that are designed to elevate your reach, businesses need to keep looking forward. 

According to Forbes, “across almost all industries, digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic, forcing companies of all sizes to fast-track their digital plans.” The article goes on to state that “24% of businesses have started using AI for their talent acquisition needs, with 56% of managers planning to adopt automated technology in the next twelve months.”

Everything has changed, and as a result, so have the needs of your business. It’s not too late to stay ahead of the pack, and we can undoubtedly help you there!

Rethink your business needs

Company culture will forever dominate the needs of your business. Happy, productive staff sit at the root of your success, after all. 

Seeking a new team member who can successfully navigate today’s working world while establishing a good employee fit is no small feat. Fortunately, digital hiring tools, such as virtual interviews and pre-hiring assessments, can lead you straight to the best talent around. In turn, you can get a feel for how well the candidate will do in your employment and see how they respond to advancing technology in one go. 

You will want to look out for candidates that can demonstrate strong communication skills, flexibility, have an adaptable approach to their work, and are at ease with technology. Recruiters and AI technology can screen for these traits ahead of the interviewing process. You’ll notice greater employee performance and overall satisfaction in the long term as a result. 

Digital doesn’t mean impersonal

Screen fatigue has become an increasing concern across most industries during and post-lockdown. When the only way to connect to employees, family, and friends is through various online platforms, such as Zoom and Google Teams, the devastating consequences without such tools are not worth thinking about. 

Screening and hiring through AI have become a common fear amongst employers. The feelings of detachment and impersonal conversations have become taboo over the past 12 months. However, people are more available than ever before, and AI bots can take away all the repetitive and process-driven tasks, making the whole hiring process more straightforward. 

Recruiters can focus on the most important aspects of hiring, such as personal connections with candidates that would otherwise be lost in our current climate. You’ll find that candidates that experience a higher level of attention throughout the hiring process will support the morale and resilience of your workforce in the long run. In our books, that is as personal as it gets!

Know your brand identity

Your company’s brand identity goes much deeper than eye-catching logos. It’s what you stand for as a business. How you want your industry peers and clients to see you and incorporates the rich narrative of your journey. Well defined brand identity should resonate with your targeted talent pool.

Placing brand identity and candidate experience at the core of your business will help shape your workforce to the next level. Authenticity is key. Your next hire will be looking for an organization that will not only offer them support, flexibility, and the chance to adapt to changes in their circumstances but to feel like they belong in your team. 

Proactive communication and backing your employer value propositions are advantageous to any growing business. Whether you focus on employability events or “Corporate Social Responsibility” programs, you need to establish what works for your current employees and beyond. 

Say goodbye to traditional working

If a global pandemic has taught you anything, it’s that geographical limitations can no longer bind you. The digital age is well and truly in full swing, and working from home is the new normal. As soon as you take away previous hiring limitations, your candidate pool becomes far greater. This will enable you to find top talent seeking a place at your company. 

The traditional working environment is a thing of the past. By now, you will undoubtedly have a technological infrastructure in place – so don’t be afraid to take it to the next level. 

Recruitment is evolving. It’s time you do too. How will you source top talent going forward?