The most Valuable Skills Required in the UK Job Market

The world is changing fast in the midst of this AI revolution. Every single business is evolving to and adapting modern technological trends. In this world, you have to constantly keep up with the new skills and roles being birthed so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Hence, there are a lot of skills that you need to be aware of to be considered employable, and even more important, valuable.

New data from a global recruitment firm has drawn from two surveys of almost 1200 British workers and 240 UK recruiters.

It has shown that the skills British employees believe will be important to their careers in 2018 and those recruiters deem most valuable starkly differ.

Stark Contrast

Take the example of choosing which transferrable job skills they consider valuable for their career for 2018. The ability to problem solve came out on top for workers whereas recruiters labelled adaptability as the most valuable skills therein.

The research revealed a comprehensive list of the most valuable careers skills for 2018. And it also shed light on the skills that candidates may be underestimating such as commercial awareness.

Most Important Skills

Some more skills that recruiters deemed important were stakeholder management, the ability to calculate and communicate ROI and strategy and change. Notice that all these are skills that allow a business to forecast and prepare for the future, which is all that the world is about today. It’s all about maximizing profit tomorrow and planning for the future.

In the current job market, it’s not only important for candidates to show that they can do the job today, but they must also show foresight and adaptability so an employer can see that they are valuable enough to take to the future.

The Bottom Line

Demonstrating their input can create lasting value for the organization by identifying new ways to improve business performance to make customers happier and improve sales is the key.

Coming up with new strategies to minimize the work that companies do and to maximize their productivity is what every company has always wanted. Now there’s just a lot more pressure on employees to do it since the labour and hard work can just be accomplished by machines and algorithms. Being creative has always had a big price tag attached to it, now the price tag has grown much bigger.

Other Findings

The research also revealed that while six in ten workers believed that their professional skills improved over the past year, they may still face an uphill battle finding their next role. Half of the recruiters involved said that candidates struggled to identify their true skills and most valuable capabilities. Two thirds even believed that consumers didn’t understand how to match those skills for specific jobs. This may be because the landscape has changed so much because of technology that recognizing the importance of a skill in a job is much more difficult.