What builds a good company culture?

Wikipedia defines organisational culture as collective values and behaviours that contribute to the social and psychological environment of the business. It represents the beliefs and principles of organisational members. 

As it is something that employees bring to the company. 

But what about entrepreneurs? 

They don’t wait around for employees to bring company culture, they go and find people with similar values and interests instead.

We believe the workplace should be something that employees look forward to as they enjoy the challenges, their co-workers, and the atmosphere. 

Employees who fit within the company perform better and create positive relationships.

So, how do you create a good company culture?

Define your values

Take your time to evaluate what kind of vibe you want your company to have? You can be an innovative, creative, easy-going or work hard – play hard company. 

Maybe you want to be flexible and create a work-life balance for your employees. 

Walt Disney’s culture is set to give their employees and customers a magical experience. What kind of feeling would you like to be remembered for?

Choose the right people

Every company usually starts with one strong individual. Company culture then logically reflects who this individual is. Employees are people, who can provide this individual with the support and experience he or she needs. 

Find great people who complement your values and bring different knowledge and experience in your weak areas. Basically, fill the gaps.

If you already have more than 5 employees, look at what personalities you are working with and how they influence your culture. 

In a post on Harvard Business Review, Eric Sinoway breaks down types of employees and how they impact company culture. 

He calls high performing employees who don’t really fit into company culture “vampires”. All vampires must be terminated as they are disruptive and bring chaos to the business. 

Team building

Employees often feel like just another cog in a wheel. But how much more awesome is it when you are part of the team! To know, that you are not alone, but you are all working united towards the ultimate goal. 

Team building should be an important part of your culture. But do not be fooled, it is not about having ping-pong tables and free Friday beers. It is about bringing people together with a focus on good communication and employees development.

Do not be afraid to invite new ideas from everywhere. Someone on the finance team could bring a new idea for the next design project or IT team could suggest how to improve financial operations.

Employees are happy to work in the company where their efforts matter and they can grow their career.


When trust is present, employees step forward to do the right thing, they are confident to make decisions, take risks, think outside the box and have each other’s back. 

Such cooperation is a company’s dream. 

Build trust and honesty, listen to your employees’ feedback and encourage cooperation.

Plan for the future

Culture will change over time as your values will change and as employees come and go. Find ways to constantly reinforce your core values to keep the culture thriving.

After all, there is a reason why some companies are called “Best place to work”. It is because they have a strong culture, where employees can grow. 

Other recruitment professionals would agree, that a strong organisational culture is one of the best ways to attract top candidates.