Why Boosting Employee Morale is Good for Your Business

Burn out is real. Overworked, underappreciated and low paid roles are sure-fire ways to destroy employee morale. If that is what your work culture is all about, then crack on! Your staff turnover must be huge. 

Employees make a business tick – you could call them the beating heart of your company. If you have happy staff, you’ll see a healthier bottom line, and fresh, new ideas will be bred out of a desire to make your business thrive. 

Want to know the secrets to encourage your employee’s morale? Let’s take a look at some morale-boosting tricks to build into your company culture:

Positive work cultures drive productivity

Too often, businesses enforce the ‘take no prisoners’, cut-throat approach to get their staff to perform. According to the Harvard Business Review, this is simply not the right path. Studies have shown that leaning on a “positive organisational psychology demonstrates that not only is a cut-throat environment harmful to productivity over time, but that a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.”

The cost of pushing staff to perform under intense pressure can cause mental health problems, trigger skin conditions and even cause heart attacks. With this in mind, is the cut-throat approach really worth it? 

With this approach, long term stress will inevitably cause disengagement. Sometimes, enough is enough, and without the perks of feeling valued, respected, supported, and secure, there is little to motivate your employees any more. Errors increase, accidents happen more often, and higher levels of absenteeism will occur. 

When negative morale runs rife through the workplace, staff turnover is high. Promotions are turned down, and your once well-performing employee is now making waves on the job market. 

Injecting positive morale into your work culture will not cost the earth. If anything, your bottom line will thank you for it in the long run!

Reflect a true work-life balance

There are some among us who live for the high of the workplace. Smashing targets, pulling in new clients and implementing new ideas are the real motivator for lots of employees. After a while though, that “high” may come at a cost. Late nights and long hours can break the best of us. Resentment is born, and you are confronted by a disgruntled employee handing in their notice. 

Adjusting your workday schedule to accommodate the family man, the mother, the fresh graduate, and the seasoned engineer will do wonders for boosting morale. As a result, employees feel invested in their work-life and can take a step back when they are at home. 

Staff will become more motivated and feel more energised to take on challenges that they may have felt unsupported to do before. 

An exercise in trust

Transparency and knowing how decisions are made within an organisation are useful tools for boosting morale. Employees thrive when they feel trusted by their employers. According to a Slack study, “employees aren’t likely to communicate or contribute if they don’t feel safe expressing themselves honestly at work.”

So there it is, honesty is the best policy. Employee’s trust their employers more when they have open communication with their leaders. 

In the same study, Starbird concluded, “when employees feel valued and vested, they are part of something bigger and work for the benefit of the company, not just for themselves as individuals.”

Value-building gestures

One of the number one rules for boosting staff morale is letting your employee’s know just how valued they are to you and your business. It’s not about crossing workplace boundaries and becoming too familiar with each other; it’s about building a healthy working relationship with your staff. 

What better way to show someone how valued they are than giving them a small gesture. Anything from a days extra holiday, to an experience or some swag related to the workplace, gifts make people happy. 

Work cultures are cultivated by positive morale. It’s just a fact!

Make space for your team to grow

Giving your employees the time to cultivate relationships with one another beyond the workplace is one of the keys to positive morale. 

Make opportunities for your staff to grow. If that looks like a team-building activity like an escape room, lunchtime trivia or a weekend jolly – do it! When people are more invested in the relationships they have built on a personal level, your staff’s commitment to one another increases. 

We’re all in it together is morale-boosting gold!

Make your organisation thrive by cultivating employee morale. You’ll thank us later!