Why is Candidate Experience so Important?

Never before has the candidate experience been more important. With the job market saturated with unemployment, the openings available are a pure reflection of the pandemic’s damaging effects. The employer no longer has the upper hand, and its a race to capture and retain the country’s top talent!

In short, it’s not all about you. How a candidate perceives your brand, core values, and company culture throughout the hiring process will make or break how they feel about you. Their experience will not only inform whether they take the job or not but how you are portrayed to their network of prospective talent. 

Want to get ahead of the game? Here are a few simple tips to optimise your candidate experience:

Transparency is key

Knowing where you stand as a candidate throughout the hiring process is pivotal for getting the candidate experience right. 

So be transparent and communicate well once you have connected with a candidate. Take the time to talk through the application and screening process with them and keep them in the loop along the way. Candidates want to feel valued regardless of if they get an offer. 

The clearer you are about your brand and values, the better success you will have at securing the best top talent around. 


When entering the interview process, HR and the hiring manager need to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Both of them need to be clear about their individual roles to create a great candidate experience. 

Together HR and the hiring manager need to define what is expected from the candidate, and they both need to stick to it throughout the process. Top talent have expectations of you as the hiring party too, so always be mindful of the candidate first and foremost. They are the most crucial part of the hiring process after all. 

Feedback is always appreciated

Reflecting on an interview after the event always brings up unresolved issues. Did you speak well on the day? Were you representing the company as it should be seen? Was each candidate given the respect and time they deserve? 

Whatever way an interview goes, you should never neglect to give each candidate honest and open feedback. It fits right in with the clarity that is expected of you as a company. Your candidates need to know why they did or didn’t meet the needs of the job. 

Feedback goes both ways. You need to ensure that each candidate will be more positive about their experience regardless of the offer. They will talk amongst their networks about how they were treated and communicated to throughout their experience with you. 

Not only do you want them to recommend you to others, but allow them to apply for a better-matched position in the future. 

Treat each candidate with fairness

Every candidate you connect with needs to feel like they deserve to be considered for the role. This comes down to their experiences and skills that have the potential to take your company to the next level. 

Your employer brand is shaped by the building blocks that make your company thrive. So leaving a lasting impression amongst the top talent pool will allow you to stand out. If respect, communication and context are at the heart of all you do, the candidates will be lining up to be a part of what you stand for as a business. 

Making final decisions

Just because you are crossing the finishing line, keeping the candidate experience in mind is still vital. Personal and candid, delivering the news over the phone will allow your new hire to feel like they belong in your company culture from the off. 

We know that emailing facts and critical information is essential, but an email will never give you or your candidate the full respect deserved. 

Equally, delivering news to candidates who didn’t make the final cut is uncomfortable even to the most veteran recruiters. Taking the time to send personalised and in-depth feedback to your candidates will ensure that they still think highly of your brand. 

Either way, you need to maintain a good relationship with all candidates from start to finish. You’ll thank us for it later! For more recruitment support, our friendly team can help you find the best top talent around. 

Feeling valued and respected is all part of the candidate experience. Whatever stage of the recruitment process you are in, make sure you make your potential next hire know that it’s all about them and less about you! Who will your next hire be?