Why You Should Hire Ahead of Growth

There comes a time for most businesses, even the self-employed, when you have to think about taking on an employee. 

Expanding your team by the world’s conventions is to wait until your business trajectory justifies it. So, when an influx of new clients emerge, and your existing employees are struggling with the workload, a new hire seems like the best plan.

But, what if it’s a fluke? 

What if the sudden spike in business is momentary? 

So you carry on working you and your staff into the ground until you can afford to hire. Everyone is stressed. Morale is low.

Let’s consider that there is another way…

Be an Opportunist

Have you considered how long it takes to hire someone? 

How long it takes to find the right fit for your team? 

Get them on board, training, become productive?

Two months!

From the moment a candidate accepts your offer, hands in their notice and gets their paperwork in order – it takes time. Valuable time. That’s just getting them into a seat, let alone the time it takes to get them up to speed.

Productivity for a new hire can take anywhere from 12 months to 2 years. By that time, your opportunity for growth has long gone. 

Your business problems escalate, as a result, orders aren’t fulfilled, and customers are left dissatisfied. Stress runs rife throughout your company, and everyone is left exhausted.

Desperate times lead to drastic measures. 

With growing pressure, you make hiring mistakes. 

Why Hiring Equals Growth

Striking while the iron is hot could put you at the lead of progressive business. 

Investing in hiring before you need to could increase your business productivity ten-fold.

Growth can only come when you accept that fresh perspectives, experience and talent can do wonders for your business. 

With more employees, tasks become more efficient, service improves, and you reach a wider audience. 

Most importantly, new innovative ideas are now available.

Get Ahead of the Game 

Focusing on projected income is a better resource than the current cash flow. 

Looking at what the next three months look like, gives a higher perspective when it comes to growth. 

If you can cover a new employee’s salary within that time, think of what your business could achieve! 

Rather than hiring for the sake of hiring, have a vision in mind. Have an action plan. You need to know precisely how you would like your new hire to drive the growth needed for your business. 

It’s a fact, growth is often linked to increased infrastructure, including new hires! 

Give it a Go

Are you considering hiring? Plan your hiring needs. Where do you want to see your business in 12 months? 18 months? 2 years?

Next, consider whether you can afford not to hire new staff. Look at what’s in the bank, what resources you have and go from there. 

Do some research, and have a look at hiring platforms, such as Spearhead Recruitment. They may unlock the employment possibilities that you haven’t even imagined.

Be a Team Builder

Losing enthusiasm for your business can directly impact your current employees. 

With extra staff under your wing, you may boost the morale within your workforce significantly. You might even get that holiday you so desperately need!

Investing in your workforce with fresh new ideas, an innovative mind, and positivity will give your business the push it needs for growth. 

Now that you have taken off the many hats you have been wearing – accounts, sales, marketing, operations – you can finally be the leader! Focused leaders lead great businesses. 

Give credit to your team – they are the true heroes; without them, there is no credit to give!

The bottom line

A great business needs to grow. It needs to remain relevant, be progressive, and take worthwhile risks. If you want to have growth, take a leap of faith. Be smart with your hiring, and inject new life into your business.

It might be the best decision you could make.